Fiduciary company at the service of start-ups, corporations, associations and other Swiss entrepreneurs·euses suisses

Data Entry Accounting
  • Cost analysis
  • Financial organization
Management Control & Operational Processes
  • Financial data management tools
  • Inventory management
  • Logiciels comptables

Finance, Analysis, Taxation
  • Tax declarations
  • Analyses
Tax declarations
  • Taxation
  • VAT
  • Insurances

Creation & Support
  • Sole proprietorships & Start-Ups
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies & Corporations
  • Fondation
  • Association
Regulation & Legal services
  • Research & Legal work

Expenses & Costs
  • Optimization of the cost structure
  • Payement optimization
  • Analyze & Claimants comparison
Digitally recording documents
  • Data processes
  • Technology tools
Internal & External Communication
  • Website & social networks
  • Mise en place d’outils de communication
  • Marketing
  • Positioning
  • Visibility
Gouvernance & Decision Making
  • Processes
  • Transmission of power
Logiciels d’entreprises et ERP
  • Installation et développement informatique d’ERP
  • Processus et workflows
  • Gestion des données internes
  • Centralisation/

Automatisation des processus


Data Entry Accounting

Account keeping in CHF or other currencies, closure of annual financial statements, counts (TVA, social charges, ...) and other regular accounting entries. Our team looks after and advise throughout all accounting activities of our clients.

Management Control & Operational Processes

Creation of budgets, costs analysis, financial organization, inventory & processes management. We bring an objectif point of view to reduce expenses and analyze our clients' investments.

Finance, Analysis, Taxation

Advice our clients' financial & strategic decisions-making with research to sustain. Our team can also take in charge the relations with tax authorities.

Administrative & Legal

Declarations & Correspondence

À la demande de nos clients, nous nous occupons de toutes les déclarations et relations administratives avec les assurances, les instances cantonales et fédérales, ainsi que tout autre organisme administratif. 

Creation & Support

De l’ébauche à la concrétisation de projet, nous accompagnons nos clients dans toutes les démarches administratives. Nous conseillons et mettons à disposition nos experts juridiques pour rédiger des contrats et autres pactes de fondation sur mesure. 

Regardless of the form of the project or the entity to be created, we analyze the best alternatives among all possible legal forms.

Regulation & Legal service

For all legal issues, our team of legal experts initiate tailor-made researches in order to conform to the regulations in force on any project in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world.


Efficiency & Effectiveness

We start important research and observations on our clients' companies and activities. We assure that our clients achieve their goals with a minimum of ressources. Our team compares the efficiency of the chosen ressources and assure their competitivity on the market, especially regarding payements. Our growing experience in business management and continuous comparaisons between claimants allows us to ensure the most suitable solutions.


We analyze our clients' IT structure to be able to offer the best tools and/or alternatives in order to increase the performance. We accompany the companies to develop a maximum the instant access to their data.

Internal & External Communication

We bring young and dynamic services & expertises for our clients especially for social networks and websites. We develop modern external communication both with their clients and general public.



Our team supports, on request, the global positioning and communication of our clients as well as any strategic matter for which an external and objective point of view is required.

Governance & Decision making

We provide our knowledge to all decisions, especially those related to corporate governance and team management. We support the implementation of process and internal communication.

Logiciels d’entreprises et gestion d’ERP 

We introduce new tools with the purpose of facilitating our clients and their personnel’s tasks and internal communication. We are particularly active in online collaborative tools for tasks and information management by using the most up-to-date technological tools available.