We are a young team in Lausanne of more than ten employees with complementary skills, passionate about the world of entrepreneurship and automation in the accounting and administrative field.

Both experienced in launching projects and optimizing small and medium-sized companies, the two young founders, Alyssa PASINI and Anton ZELLER, joined forces in 2020 to found NIRIS, an accounting & consulting company based in Renens.

Today, more than ever with an uncertain economic situation, our team is here to innovate and modernize as much as possible the processes of administrative tasks. In constant search of evolution, we optimize our own functioning, as well as our services, inspired by the most efficient and promising working models.

« L’écoute et la passion que nous avons pour les activités de nos clients
nous ont permis de forger des relations sincères et de confiance. »

Our two CO-CEOs

It was at the head of a Swiss-made electronics start-up – with more than 50 employees before COVID – that we forged our experience.

Having developed an entire custom ERP system, we felt ready to take on new challenges et partager nos entrepreneurial knowledge;

We are both pursuing our studies – part-time – avec un Master en Comptabilité, Contrôle et Finance à HEC Lausanne. Nous sommes plus que jamais convaincu·e·s qu’il y a besoin d’innover dans notre domaine, notamment en y intégrant de l’innovation avec des strong social and ecological principles.

« Innovons ensemble pour relier la comptabilité avec des principes sociaux
et écologiques forts, c’est l’enjeu et l’avenir de notre profession qui nous passionne ! »


We have created NIRIS SA to allow you to benefit from our experience. Thus, we help you to take up the challenges and to answer the issues which we ourselves were confronted with in the past.

Our mission

For entrepreneurs who need to save time to develop their project, our fiduciary services allows you to reduce all the actions with low added values and thus to optimize the administrative and accounting tasks thanks to the digitalization and the automation of processes.

Beyond the digitization of business processes, NIRIS is developing according to the ecological, ethical and sustainability principles that are central to the concerns of our generation.